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To be the most preferred and trusted cloud for laboratory test results by patients, physicians, laboratories, hospitals and corporates


For the Patients and Physicians:

  1. We will be an instrument on your IMMEDIATE TREATMENT by making ALL your new and previous laboratory test results securely accessible to you and your physicians anytime anywhere through internet.
  2. We will offer CONVENIENCE on your visit to laboratory wherein you don’t need to lineup on long queue, no need to wait or going back for results, and no boring and wasted time in the laboratory.
  3. We will help you SAVE money and precious time by providing laboratory current test price ranges and promotions, and claiming your results through this website.
  4. We will SECURELY store your test results and will not allow any unauthorized access by implementing effective security measures

For the Laboratories and Hospitals:

  1. We will be an aide to you in providing QUALITY services to your patients by giving you innovative system that will improve your laboratory workflow.
  2. We will be an administrator to you by providing you REPORTS like total patients, tests and revenue.
  3. We will help your BUSINESS to grow through the use of our system to improve your services, hence saving on your overhead and increasing your customers

For the Corporates:

  1. We will help you MONITOR the health of your employees by storing their laboratory test results electronically accessible to you anytime anywhere through internet.

For Everyone:

  1. We will ensure that our website is relaxing, easy to use and full of information to browse especially regarding laboratories and health
  2. We can easily be contacted to address any of your concern regarding our services
  3. We will be continuously active on enhancing our system to offer more services
  4. We will use our skills in Information Technology (IT) to be part of the advancement of medical industry in the Philippines to upgrade further the quality of medical services to Filipinos.


Each visitors of MyResultOnline can:

  • find laboratories and hospitals filtered by name, address, HMO accepted and tests offered with price
  • find physicians filtered by name, address, specialty and HMO accepted
  • know further information about laboratory test procedures
  • read articles related to medicine, health, and science
  • be aware on latest news, headlines and events on medical industry
  • get tips from health related blogs from members
  • determine whether you are overweight or malnourished
  • learning promotions

Most importantly as MyResultOnline Members you can also:

  • print and save in PDF laboratory test results online anytime anywhere
  • store your laboratory test results lifetime
  • monitor all test results by graph
  • ask health related questions
  • post comments on articles and reply on questions posted by other members

So to enjoy all available MRO services, sign up now and join our community.

Team Behind myResultOnline

Behind MyResultOnline is the team of young, energetic, motivated and talented personnel of IT-Easy. With the right combination of IT engineers and medical practitioners, guided by our common vision and missions, here comes the services that will help further uplift the quality of medical services to Filipinos.


We promise to continue improving and adding more services for an advanced medical system for a complete medical services experience.

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