Preparation for Rainy Day Season

After summer, whether we like it or not, rainy season is coming. If you had sunscreen lotion to avoid skin burn and 12 glasses of water instead of eight to avoid heat stroke during this summer, it’s necessary also that we prepare ourselves for the rainy season. Here are some tips to stay healthy and things to prepare this rainy season.


  • Buy and store foods that do not easily expire.
  • Check the gutter and roof for holes and fix it quick.
  • Prepare a flashlight, extra batteries, candle, and a match.
  • Charge your phone and save emergency numbers with you.
  • Keep a First Aid Kit. Anything can happen, be sure to equip yourself with bandage scissor, gauze, betadine, hydrogen peroxide, micropore, and other necessities you might need.
  • Prepare emergency medications. Prepare to buy all the medications you will need as enumerated: for fever, cough, flu, allergy, asthma, burns, chest pain, high blood sugar, and insulin.
  • Wear appropriate clothing. Wear clothes that will prevent skin, mucus, and eyes from catching infections and protect your skin from being scraped from any pointed objects.
  • Drive safely and defensively to avoid accidents and always bring your driver’s license.
  • Control Rodents in your area.  One of the carriers of Leptospirosis is infected rats. When they defecate and urinate anywhere and got wet, the water is already infected with the bacteria. Anyone who gets exposed in the water will be infected with Leptospirosis.
  • Prevent Leptospirosis. People are infected with Leptospirosis when they are exposed in infected water. So make sure to clean your drains, remove any obstruction that will cause flood, wear protective clothing, and prevent any wounds or broken skin or mucus from being exposed.
  • Bring Umbrella wherever you go. Years ago, it is considered safe to get wet in the rain but due to the escalating air pollution and smoke belching, when the rains comes into the mix, it will cause infections and illnesses and is considered dangerous when inhaled because it will lead to respiratory problems.
  • Clean the drain, and remove any obstruction that might cause backflow and flooding. Garbage clogging the drains, this is a major problem especially in areas where it is easily flooded. Everyone is at risk in getting infections such as Dengue and Leptospirosis.
  • Remove containers where water can build up and buy Insect Repellent. During the rainy season, the mosquitoes, Aedes Aegypti, start to live in stagnant water and bite children close to the area. An infected mosquito can pass the dengue virus to anyone who is bitten. It might lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever.
  • Get the Flu shot. The influenza virus causing flu becomes more active during the cold weather due to humidity. Aside from drinking lots of water, sleeping early and eating foods that will boost your immune system, it is important to get a Flu vaccine right away to produce the antibody to fight the virus.
  • Learn how to swim. Philippines is surrounded by a body of water, now that summer is almost gone, and the cold weather is knocking at our doors, everyone should learn to swim to prepare for floods that might happen to prevent what happen during the Storm Ondoy. Many lives were lost during the flood. According to statistics, more than 50% of our population still doesn’t know how to swim.
  • Provide Basic Rescue Equipment in Public Rivers and Flood prone areas. During rainy season, it is a habit of the kids to swim in rivers near their house or floods prone areas. It’s always news of kids and people drowning due to strong currents and failure of the passerby to save them due to not enough training and skill. Life Buoys, Sturdy ropes, Lifeboats and trained Life Guards should be provided on every geographical location with a big body of water to prevent drowning.