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Frequently Asked Questions


1. ) How to become a Member?


First, you should have an email address. Then click ‘Sign Up’ from the ‘Membership’ menu, and fill-up the required information on the Signup page. We will send your email a confirmation letter for security validation. Click the verification code link from the email and finish answering your profile. For Hospital and Laboratory Members, there are additional processes that should be done and our Team will call you for assistance.

2. ) How can I get a new password?


Click forgot password below the login box, on the next page, put your username or email address in the box below, we will email you with a temporary password that you can change right away after your first login. 

3. ) Can a minor and elderly be a member?


Yes. They should have their email address. Management of their accounts can be handled by their parents or guardians. 

4. ) Where can I find the specific price of the test?


First is through the page of the hospital or laboratory. Search the laboratory by clicking ‘Hospital’ or ‘Laboratory’ under ‘Service’ menu. Second is through the page of the test. Search the test by entering the test and click ‘Search’ button, or choosing the test at ‘Laboratory Tests’ at the bottom of the website by clicking ‘View All’ button. Laboratory test page shows its price range.

5. ) How can I find the doctor, laboratory or hospital?


From the ‘Service’ menu at the top or center of the website, click what you want to search from the choices doctor, laboratory and hospital. Click ‘Choose by Name’, enter the laboratory or hospital name and click ‘Submit’ button. Or click ‘Search by Address/HMO’, enter values on ‘Province’, ‘Town/City’, ‘Barangay’, ‘HMO’, and ‘Test Offered’ depending on how you want to filter the search, and click ‘Submit’ button. Filters are automatically filled if you logged in values from your profile.

6. ) Can I post directly my questions, comments and articles on the Website?


No, all the posts will be directed for review and approval by the administrator if it is allowed and relevant to the Website. This is to ensure that all contents of the Website are valuable to visitors.

7. ) Can I edit my test results?


No, the only people who can edit the test results are the medical technologist of the laboratory who uploaded the test results online.

8. ) Who will send the laboratory test results online?


The medical technologist of the laboratory will send the test results online directly to the MRO account of the patient once the test is done and encoded at the computer.


1. ) How long is the validity of my membership?


Patient and Doctor Members don’t have expiration. Your membership is lifetime. For Hospital and Laboratory Members, membership is valid for one year and renewable yearly. 

2. ) How long can I wait to activate my membership?


For Patient and Doctor Members, after your email confirmation and submission of profile information, MRO system will do validation electronically and confirm your membership immediately.  For Hospital and Laboratory Members, length of activation will depend on your participation with our Team on processing the additional requirements. 

3. ) Can I have two MyResultOnline accounts?


Technically yes, because you can create MRO account for all of your email addresses if you have more than 1. But we recommend only one account per person. Remember that one of the objectives of MRO is archiving of your test results. Having more than 1 account will distribute your data hence difficult to manage. 

4. ) I am a doctor, do I need to maintain two accounts if I become a patient?


No. When you register as a doctor, it is automatic on your account to have the same benefits as a Patient Member.

5. ) Can I make an appointment with my doctor or any doctor through my MyResultOnline account?


No, the current version of MRO doesn’t support appointment feature with the doctor. This feature will be available in the next version of MRO in the very near future.

 General Questions

1. ) Who is eligible for membership at MyResultOnline?


Every person who visits the laboratory can be a member of MRO. Doctors who prescribe laboratory tests can also be a Member if you want to have your patient’s results anytime anywhere through Internet access. Laboratories and hospitals who conduct laboratory tests can be a member of MRO. 

2. ) What is MyResultOnline?


MyResultOnline serves as a Cloud or database of laboratory test results that the patient had taken in the past and will take in the future. Patient member should have their test on hospitals and laboratories who are MRO members also. They are equipped with our system to send your results to the cloud.

MRO is also a source of information about health, lifestyle, food, medicine, test procedures and promos. It has a list of hospitals, laboratories and doctors where visitors can search the nearest to their place and accepts their HMO cards. It has a forum where members can ask questions and be answered by other members.

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