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Acid Fast Bacilli Stain is also known as Ziehl-Neelsen Technique). It is use to find for the presence of Acid Fast Bacillus bacteria. The most common infection is Tuberculosis also known as Koch disease. Another infections cause by the mycobacteria is diseases with symptoms of TB such as patients with Leprosy and HIV/ AIDS. 

A smear is not an accurate test to diagnose Tuberculosis because it produces false-positive results. The confirming diagnosis is Acid Fast Culture and Chest X-Ray.

Prepare the smear using the specimen. Place the specimen on a clean labelled slide. Pass smear on a flame of a Bunsen burner carefully. Apply Carbol Fuchsin on the whole slide and pass over in low flame for 3-5 minutes gently. Wash with tap water. Apply 3% Acid-Alcohol and wash with tap water. Apply Methylene for 30 seconds, wash with tap water and blot to dry. Observe slide on the microscope under oil immersion.

SPECIMEN REQUIRED: Sputum Sputum for three days from the patient in the morning. Patient is not allowed to gurgle or rinse mouth in the morning to prevent rinsing of bacteria. Patient is instructed to cough deeply to loosen lung secretions, to provide sputum with the presence of bacteria.

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