What is a Cloud?

What is a Cloud? A Cloud is a place where IT resources such as computer hardware, operating systems, networks, storage, databases, and even entire software applications are available instantly, on-demand. Definition brought by The Cloud View.

Cloud started out with Apple’s innovations called ICloud where users can store anything they want from contacts, email address, files, documents, images, music, videos, books, games, applications, and networking telecommunications of applications.

Ever since Apple had launched their products, people started to look at cloud differently. No longer it’s just a bunch of clouds where water evaporates under the raging sun, instead it’s now a database of anything that is uploaded online wirelessly from a computer, laptop, cell phones, Ipads, and Tablets.

The next question is why settle for a Cloud Database? Using information from a Cloud database makes the transactions and processing much faster of any files and information the person has. Apart from that, it is done through the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), the information being transferred is coded and protected from third parties. There are specific receivers who are able to view the information posted online are the only ones allowed by the sender. IT experts perform security protocols every day, assessing data threats and risk potentials of the page for being hacked, stolen, and bugged by other competitors and more often, they create applications to prevent spam messages from being sent to a person's account, just in case, he shared his personal email address in a specific website.

What are the benefits of using Cloud database? Files stored in servers are more expensive, and needs personel to be use. Using cloud storage makes the information available for you online anytime and anywhere. It is much cheaper -- you don't need to install, back up and recovering files are available, and you don't need any person to handle the database.

Ubuntu, Google, Microsoft had also launched their own cloud databases to compete with the product and for some companies; they developed their own cloud database that promises affordability, accessibility and the most important three: security, complete accurate information, and improvement to the general population.

Now in the Philippines, companies are developing their own cloud database for the population’s convenience more over to the readers, teachers, students, medically allied workers, and corporate employees. Students are buying those gadgets to store all their books electronically, to avoid carrying heavy books. Doctors buy them to check for their schedules and appointments, patient information rather than carrying patient charts and notebook planners. Parents are buying their little ones those gadgets to learn the basic alphabets and counting through applications, and people from long-distance relationships are using it to connect to other people online rather than their computers. It is hassle free and you can bring it anywhere.